SAP Consume-To-Cash

To prepare for the technology innovations of tomorrow, you must put in place the right business processes today. With SAP® software, you can achieve best-of-breed functionality for your entire consume-to-cash business process – from online rating and charging to convergent billing, invoicing, and collections. Altima offers complete end-to-end solution architecture for charging and billing system deployment based on SAP Consume-to-Cash, tailored according to specific operator’s requirements and integrated into operator’s existing BSS and network environment.


SAP CC Telco Service Catalog

  • Framework for complex telco service catalogues
  • Incorporate all experience in catalogue development
  • Enables faster deployment and implementation of complete catalogue

Altima Telco Standard Catalogue

Hybris Commerce

SAP Hybris Commerce solution helps you target and engage with your customers better, wherever they are. As the world of commerce continues to change, give your customers a consistent and meaningful experience – across every channel, every time. Click for more:

Hybris Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing combines superior customer insight with a highly agile and scalable platform. Reach your customers at all points of their journey, and boost loyalty by responding to real-time data to deliver the best possible customer experience. Click for more:


Customizable and modular CRM system with sales, order management, product management, service management and lead management modules. Possible to be integrated to any BSS environment and customized to any business process.

Ai.CRM presentation

Ai.CEM (Customer Expirience Management)

Next generation of customer analytics and data mining.

Ai.CEM presentation

Ai.PI (Process Integration)

  • Workflow and Provisioning infrastructure consists of:
    • Customizable connectors – interfaces to network elements
    • Flexibly workflow engine – decomposition, BPM
    • Administration and Management web GUI
    • All components SOA enabled – connection from BSS/OSS
  • Built on top of leading telco-grade application servers

Ai.DI (Data stream Integration)

Mediation platform supporting off-line and on-line modes

Comprehensive workflow possibilities:

  • Correlation
  • Duplicates detection
  • Data enrichment
  • Aggregation

Ai.Recharge & Ai.VOMS

Complete recharging and voucher management solution.

Ai.Recharge – Recharging proxy platform

  • Input channels: ETFPOS, self-care – SMS, WAP, web, USSD, bank, SOAP
  • Output channels: to billing / charging
  • Customizable recharging flows
  • Management and administration GUI

Ai.Recharge presentation

Ai.VOMS – Voucher management platform

  • Voucher generation
  • Voucher activation flows
  • Interface to printing company

Ai.VOMS presentation


Fraud prevention is the process of methodically analyzing customer behavior and systematically detecting any out-of-ordinary patterns that could be potential loss to the operator revenue.

Ai.Fraud presentation

Ai.DM Dunning Management

Dunning is the process of methodically communicating with postpaid customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable – that is receiving payments on time.

Ai.DM presentation


Ai.POS Dealer WEB – is the web application used by Dealers on points of sale for execution of sales transactions and local point of sales stock management. For users with needed permissions it also provides management of the Dealer point of sale network.

Ai.POS presentation